Classic Notebooks

Available in a range of colourful patterns and designs, our luxury notebooks are perfect for anyone who loves putting pen (or pencil) to paper.

The pages are wonderfully soft and smooth, and because the grade of paper is so high, they are especially well-suited for writing with fountain pens.

Available in two sizes, quarto and octavo.


Quarto Notebooks

At 8 in (~20 cm) by 6 in (~15 cm), our quarto notebooks are about the size of an old-fashioned school exercise book. 

Octavo Notebooks

A handy 6 in (~15 cm) by 4 in (~10 cm) makes our octavo notebooks perfect for carrying with you, wherever you might end up.

Recycled Range

These notebooks are made from 100% recycled card and paper, sourced and manufactured in the UK.

The brown kraft paper on the covers gives the printed patterns a warm and earthy vibrancy, reminiscent of 1950s and '60s British design.

These books are available both as notebooks (with ruled pages) and sketchbooks (with blank pages), both of which come in A5 or A6 size.


A5 Notebooks & Sketchbooks

For sketching, writing and day-dreaming. 

A6 Notebooks & Sketchbooks

For note-taking, doodling and eureka moments.